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Wood Street February 2019. It’s interesting to compare the photos of 2019 to those from 2011 posted on our timeline.

This is private property on which the campers camp. The roadway, we believe, is public “right away”. Obviously there is some confusion over who owns what here.

This is the newly created (see pics from the last posting) “entrance” giving access to the camper vans parked/living on what is referred to as “the brewery site”….the name implies some wishful thinking.

This is not going away any time soon. With the build up comes a sense of entitlement…?

Wood Street goes far beyond “camp site” this is the Oakland Favela?...Shanty Town West? How can this go on for so long?

The soon-to-be-official entrance to the illegal RV Park on private land

Compare this photo and others to the ones taken last year.

What about the impact this has on businesses and property owners adjacent? What kind of recourse to they have….? This is really not ok, from so many points of view!

This weeks dump….some of it comes from the campers, some from outside….but it happens EVERY WEEK…neighbors and businesses endure the visual blight, the stench, the huge rodent population and the enormous cost of clean up. Enough!

WELCOME TO OAKLAND. This is about 60 feet from the border of Oakland/Emeryville. Huge amounts of money are spent WEEKLY to clean up this on-going mess. When we keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome, isn't that a definition of insanity?

This is directly behind Home Depot Emeryville. One of, if not THE BUSIEST, store in the chain.