The " What If " Trash Plan
Given that:
  • We don't have a transfer station in Oakland ... San Leandro and/or Berkeley are the closest transfer stations
  • Fees are high and people don't travel to transfer stations to dump bulky or excess trash
  • Many people are unaware of the annual free bulky pickup included in their Waste Management contract
We believe:
  • We need more convenient transfer station options for Oaklanders
What if we could?
  • Establish temporary transfer stations in targeted areas ... like West Oakland
  • Put bulky pickup information stickers on every Waste Management bin distributed to properties in Oakland
  • Sponsor a free used tire dropoff that would be taken to the Alameda County HazMat Disposal site - they currently have a limit of 15 gallons per trip
Temporary transfer stations could be:
  • Located on Under Freeway Caltrans property or City owned land
  • Secured and "manned" ... an employment opportunity? ... for unsheltered folks?
  • Open on weekends in addition to or in lieu of weekdays
  • Provided as an experiment ... see how it works for 3-6 months ... find out from DPW if it cuts down on dumping
  • For residents of a specific area ... residents could receive a voucher for their entitled annual bulky pickup