Land Use in Oakland

Homeless Encampments

1. City Leadership has made a choice to NOT enforce regulations related to use of public lands for camping and other illegitimate uses. Health and safety regulations are routinely unenforced.

2. Housing development, affordable and other, is handicapped by restrictive zoning regulations. High density housing, mixed use development, inclusionary unit developments are discouraged by regulatory environment.

3. Building and Planning costs, predevelopment costs, in Oakland are so high that there can be no development of affordable housing by the private sector.

4. Costs of code compliance limits improvement of existing affordable housing.

5. Vast tracts of vacant land are held by CalTrans and railways. These lands are often the places that become, by default, the locations of "housing of the last resort".....or homeless encampments. Both these agencies have been uniquely unwilling or unable to accept responsibility for the misuse of property under their control.