For years both prior to and subsequent to the date of this image, this was what the underpass at 35th and Peralta streets in West Oakland, CA looked like on your average day. A lot of effort by concerned citizens, business owners, and ultimately, city officials, went into changing the attitude and approach here in West Oakland in order to get it looking like the next few documentary images, taken in August of 2019.

It's a start...

Once a graveyard of abandoned vehicles and a campsite...
It could be so much more, now that it's cleared. August 2019.

If you have the stomach for it, peruse the Timeline in Pictures above and witness the profusion of tents and every type of waste that once overflowed every square inch of this underpass, often, even blocking the roads themselves.

Passing through here has been a very scary prospect up until very recently. Maintaining a clean and safe environment here still is a question that remains to be answered. Perhaps if we put our minds to it we could find a better use for these open lots beneath our highways.

With a little imagination... we might begin with some paint. But that's just a start.

It'll take a bit more work than some photoshop magic, that's true. We could discuss colors down the road, but brightening up this area would certainly change the feeling of passing through on one's daily commute. This particular location is a gateway to West Oakland.

Prominent walls, visible by countless daily drivers, walkers, cyclists, etc., just waiting to become a mural perhaps? Oakland is known for its abundance of talented artists that could put their skills to work here.

After the enormously expensive, laborious and indeed, hazardous clean up on 8/14/19.
But what if this underpass, with an eye on long term beautification as well as public safety, were to look something like...

A little bit of Europe, perhaps? There is no shortage of possible looks for this area that would all be an improvement.


Entrance to the Rockridge dog park beneath route 24 at Hardy and Claremont ave, Oakland CA, 94618

Rockridge Dog Park.
Could we do something like this at 35th and Peralta, the gateway to West Oakland?

Rockridge Dog Park (Hardy Dog Park).

Rockridge Dog Park.
Active usage of the undermaze space.

Rockridge Dog Park

Rockridge Dog Park

Rockridge Dog Park

Peralta and 35th Dog Park?