Storm drains within a three block radius of the Encampment at 35th and Peralta are clogged with debris. Residents occasionally clear out the drains.
This is the western side of the Encampment at 35th and Peralta. The sidewalks on both sides of the street are impassable.
This area is on CalTrans property...often several jurisdictions oversee areas which have become Encampments.
Cleanup of the Encampments is handcapped by the danger to workers from hazardous waste and debris.
This intersection is part of a freeway exit onto a is a heavy traffic area as cars come around this corner from the I880 interchange there are often close encounters between Campers and cars.
Encampments often become dumpsites for "donated" items/junk...growing the piles of debris surrounding the Encampment at 35th and Peralta.
This picture was taken a couple hours AFTER a City sweep of the curb/street.
North side of Peralta St. at 35th, totally impassable to pedestrian traffic. Neighbors from the area south of here cannot walk on a sidewalk to the shopping center two blocks north of the Encampment.